Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Destiny & Choice

The dilemma of life being destined or consisting of our own choices has always been debated resulting in lengthy discussions. Destiny appears to be the final picture we get after trying various shades of our choices from some natural colours! Regardless of what the actual situation is, what appears more important affecting our own life is, our response to the events we face in life. 

Anything which has happened in our life (Past) was destined to happen that way. Accept it, learn your lesson from it and move on. Anything good happened to us - Attribute it to Allah and thank Him for His blessings to avoid being arrogant and boastful.  Anything bad happened to us - Attribute to own shortcomings, mistakes, lack of adequate effort but very importantly avoiding the feeling of guilt - Have Patience and face it with dignity to save yourself from depression. 

Anything which is yet to happen in life(Future) is in your hand as Fate is not known and can go any way though it is decided already subject to many variables. Do your best and hope for the best. 

The present moment (Present) is the real moment. Make full use of it and utilize all legitimate means to get things done the way you think is good for you. 

Thus, it seems quite convincing that everything happening to us might not be strictly under our own control but our response is certainly to a significant extent upto us. We can tame it and give it a positive direction if we desire and have a will to do so.

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