Thursday, 23 February 2012

Wisdom of a prayer!

Following is the masnoon prayer to be recited when one looks in a mirror.
 اَلّٰھُمَّ اَنٓتَ حَسَّنٓتَ خَلٓقِی فَحَسِّنٓ خُلُقِی
'Allahumma anta Hassanta khalqi fa-Hassin khuluqi' (Hisan) 
اَللّٰھُمَّ اَحٓسَنٓتَ خَلٓقِیٓ فَاَحٓسِنٓ خُلُقِیٓ
'Allahumma aHsanta khalqi fa-aHsin khuluqi' 
(Masnad Ahmed)
اے اللہ آپ نے میری صورت اچھی بنائی ہے سو میرے اخلاق بھی اچھے بنا دے
O' Allah! You have made my physical appearance beautiful so beautify my character / manners too!

 Few points come to mind while thinking on the wisdom of this short prayer which are worth sharing with everyone.

1. Remembering Allah, the Creator:

2. Self Esteem:
Everyone among us may not be as good looking he or she wishes. The prayer suggests us to have self esteem and appreciate that all of us do have a lot of beauty and proportion in our appearance. It is just that it is hidden from our superficial way of looking at things. How could we miss the absolute beauty and proportion of all of our organs and systems right up to the microscopic level? So all of us are good looking!

3. Gratitude/ Arrogance:
Once the beauty and proportion in our physical appearance is appreciated we obviously look for its creator and we agree that all this was generously granted by Allah and it gives us an opportunity to thank Him for His Kindness and Generosity. Simultaneously it also makes us realize that our appearance is not of our own doing and therefore we don't have to unnecessarily feel elated due to our outward appearance. We attribute our outward make up to the blessings of our Creator and be grateful to Him.

4. Value of "Khulq" (manners):
The prayer emphasizes that what really matters in a human being is his or her manners (Akhlaq) which could either be good or bad. It is the predominant set of Akhlaq in a person which make him either good or bad. Appreciating the fact, we are encouraged to request our Creator Allah to beutify our manners so that we can attain real and ever-lasting beauty. 

5. Everything is from Allah:
Looking into the prayer we come to a conclusion that we are all created by Allah in the best possible manner and towards Him we should all look to purify our souls. He is the source of both "Khalq" (Creation) and "Khulq" (Manners). We should therefore never forget our dependence on Him and keep trying to improve our appreciation of His Presence closer to us than our neck vessels.

 واللہ اعلم بالصواب


  1. Allah looks not at how you look...but what is in your heart!

  2. True! Allah looks at our hearts and not at our looks. We mortals however are not blessed with a capability to look at hearts and thus we have to make decisions on what is visible to our eyes and audible to our ears unless we are provided with enough evidence in favour of something otherwise in the background.

    By the way the post is just about appreciating what we have been blessed with.

  3. English translation would also be good with Urdu translation ;)