Tuesday, 6 March 2012


Paradise is actually the depiction of our own desires either unfulfilled or optionally left out. It's like a blank canvas waiting for some awesome, colourful pictures as its beauty. The canvas, the painting media and the will to execute our ideas are all in our own hands.

We, ourselves, are thus the creators of our own paradise by what we choose to do and what we opt not to do!


  1. This is truly amazing that often we have some thought lingering in our minds but we can't give it words. What u said about life and the concept of paradise is like speaking my mind.
    Thanks for giving words to a thought of mine :)

  2. Dear Umair!
    Thanks for appreciating.
    Thoughts are like waves in a large pond of collective human intelligence stirred by any pebble of some new idea. A wave created by a pebble dropped far away in time and space might reach reach us and make us express it in our own words.

  3. And how beautifully have u put it. :)
    So u too believe in the term 'Collective Human Wisdom'?

  4. I love this post! Very beautifully put. We have the same idea of paradise :)

  5. @qrratugai: What does this 'we' signify in your comment? :-) Does it mean some group on the basis of an ideology or just a little exaggerated form of 'I'?

  6. @qrratugai:By the way thanks for appreciating though you really have to read it again to get in to the meaning hidden between the liens. :-)