Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Pity the nation . . . . . .

Justice Asif Saeed Khosa, the Honourable Judge, Supreme Court of Pakistan, in his additional note to the detailed verdict in contempt of court case against Gilani wrote following lines (using the format of a poem by Khalil Gibran) which will be remembered for a long time to come. . . .

Pity the nation that achieves nationhood in the name of a religion
but pays little heed to truth, righteousness and accountability
which are the essence of every religion.
Pity the nation that proclaims democracy as its polity
but restricts it to queuing up for casting of ballots only
and discourages democratic values.
Pity the nation that measures honour with success
and respect with authority,
that despises sublime and cherishes mundane,
that treats a criminal as a hero and considers civility as weakness
and that deems a sage a fool and venerates the wicked.
Pity the nation that adopts a Constitution
but allows political interests to outweigh constitutional diktat.
Pity the nation that demands justice for all
but is agitated when justice hurts its political loyalty.
Pity the nation whose servants treat their solemn oaths
as nothing more than a formality before entering upon an office.
Pity the nation that elects a leader as a redeemer
but expects him to bend every law to favour his benefactors.
          Pity the nation whose leaders seek martyrdom
          through disobeying the law
          than giving sacrifices for the glory of law
          and who see no shame in crime.
Pity the nation that is led by those
who laugh at the law
little realizing that the law shall have the last laugh.
Pity the nation that launches a movement for rule of law
but cries foul when the law is applied against its bigwig,
that reads judicial verdicts through political glasses
and that permits skills of advocacy to be practised
more vigorously outside the courtroom than inside.
Pity the nation that punishes its weak and poor
but is shy of bringing its high and mighty to book.
Pity the nation that clamours for equality before law
but has selective justice close to its heart.
Pity the nation that thinks from its heart
and not from its head.
Indeed, pity the nation
that does not discern villainy from nobility.

~ Justice Asif Saeed Khosa


  1. Arooj Waheed.8 May 2012 at 21:45

    Indeed pity the nation that cannot even stand on its feet and protect its people... Pity the nation seriously that is just passing its days... When is that nation going to wake up? Iqbal isn't going to come and jolt the people awake and neither will Jinnah to lead the astray... We have to wake up and start taking responsibility for our actions ourselves...

  2. @Arooj: We can rise to stars if the youth of my country are as thoughtful as you. You are so right.

    1. Arooj Waheed.9 May 2012 at 17:02

      Thankyou so much:)...I appreciate:)...