Friday, 25 July 2014

Muslims' voice

Muslims throughout the world are in distress despite the fact that they comprise one fifth of the world population and sit on a land rich in natural resources. They don't have a say in world's affairs despite their geopolitical importance. In my view there are four areas which need their urgent attention.

First of all is education. Muslim countries need to focus to impart knowledge to the masses, develop educational institutions and dedicate funds for research which is genuine with equal opportunities to all segments of the society. The second factor is discipline. Muslims need to have a rule of law and a willing acceptance if discipline in all spheres of life. At the moment they represent more of a herd than well developed nation states. Their systems are either yet to develop or just being in rudimentary form. Unless there is a discipline, the masses will remain deprived with continuing unrest. Third factor is unity among all Muslim countries. There has to be a mechanism of bringing all Muslims together where they can voice together and where they can have a common policy at least regarding some issues. This needs ironing their differences within their ranks and files first. They can put aside some issues which are hard to be tackled for this purpose. There has to be a political body with representation of all Muslim countries which can function as the voice of all Muslims and can get itself heard in world's affairs. Fourth factor is independent policy making which is possible only if they are self reliant. Only self reliant people and nations can have the luxury of having self worth and at the moment Muslims are so badly dependent on others in one way or another. 

Time has come to seriously ponder on these issues and our leaders across the globe need to focus and act if we intend to be counted as a significant entity in the world. Failing this soon we'll just be history following others' dictates and resorting to collective prayers against atrocities committed against us. 


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