Friday, 24 February 2012

Constructive Critique

We, very often, come across a situation in life where we have to express our disagreement with a person or an institution. The disagreement most of the times has to contain some criticism too. It becomes very important to carefully choose our words to avoid being offensive. The basic principles of criticism are constructively pointing out any possible shortcomings while appreciating the good points which everything does have and need to be highlighted while criticizing.

Compliment Sandwich Technique is a well known method of constructive criticism and includes the following.

1. Begin with a sincere appreciation of the over all good and positive aspect of something being criticized. This appreciation should have empathy and concern instead of sympathy and pity.

2. Mention the shortcomings objectively, in a least offensive manner, avoiding any personal comments, disrespect or exaggeration. Possible solutions should also be included along with pointing out the problems. 

3. End with another gesture of appreciation of the good points in a realistic manner.

 Using this technique we can pleasantly convey what we want and that too with a good, constructive and healthy outcome.

Go try and apply it in real life and see it works!

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