Wednesday, 22 February 2012

The spectrum of Ideology

Any ideology has a spectrum of its believers which have been grouped as under.

A little pondering over all these words will help us to place ourselves in the spectrum of our ideology.  

Fundamentalist comes right in the middle by the way and best is to remain in the middle! (خیر الامور اوسطہا). Meaning thereby that follow the fundamentals of your ideology, Desire that the number of fellows increase, try to make sensible and sincere efforts to convince people about the utility of your ideology but without using force (لا اکراہ فی الدین). 

Extremist would do the same but use force (verbal/physical) to bring people to his ideology.  

Militant would go a step ahead and take up arms to achieve his purpose but attacking mainly the militants of opposite ideology.  

Terrorist is so biased that he wants to destroy anyone from the opposite ideology including the weaker and use terror as a means to frighten his opponents.  

Moderate doesn't feel bound by the fundamentals of the ideology. He does appear to believe but it's hard for him to practice. He won't make efforts to convince people to join his ideology.  

Liberal  is liberal. He has a label of that ideology but lacks a belief what to talk of practical application. He is usually impressed from other ideologies but he cannot remove his label due to inherent fears of backlash from society.  

Secular goes a step further and openly dissociates himself from any ideology. Dictionary describes him to be worldly and material, poles apart from spirituality.

The question is "Where do we fit in?" Because ultimately everyone of us has to be alone in the end.
واللہ اعلم باالصواب

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