Friday, 30 March 2012

Sahra - Ghani Khan

  Ghani Khan is a well known Pashto poet and his philosophical poetry is liked by many. Despite being controversial in places, its strength and force is undisputed. Ghani speaks to God with frankness of a friend and asks Him many questions time and again. Many a time, he appears frustrated by the obvious social evils and wishes this world to be an ideal one where love, peace, beauty and care prevail for everyone and we can rightly call him GUtopian (Ghani Utopian)

  The poem I have chosen for translation and upload describes well his love for Him along with the confusions arising in every thinking mind using logic and reason to explain everything in life.

  Sardar Ali Takar has been beautifully singing Ghani Khan's poetry and he has done justice with this one too. Enjoy the poem by clicking the following link.




  1. Nice effort at translation!

  2. Bohat khoob! Thanks for translating this wonderful Kalam. May Allah bless Ghani Khan sahib and you too with energy and zeal to unveil Truth to us Blinds! Stay blessed.

  3. Thanks for appreciating Saadia Munir!