Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Ideological, Cultural & Political Confusion!

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Pakistan, as we have today, seems to be at the crossroads of an ideological,cultural and political confusion. It consists of diverse groups of people who still remain distinctly away from some sort of national coherence. This part of the Indian subcontinent was separated from the main land on the basis of a Two Nations theory which described the existence of two nations in the region on the basis of religion. Over a period of time, even this very basis has been made controversial and debatable, making the very ideological reason for existence of this poor country questionable. Apart from the ideological divisions, people here also remain fiercely divided in their cultural and political preferences. More unfortunately, being unable to channelize these differences, people resort to violence while expressing a difference of opinion adding to the overall extremist outlook of the society.

Having said that, Pakistan still has a lot of potential to deal with all these serious issues and be known as a progressive nation provided it could, somehow, get an honest leadership who are dedicated to national interests instead of following personal agenda driven by petty self interests. Pakistan needs to educate the ever increasing human resource it has and channelize this volatile form of energetic force present within its boundaries. A serious effort for bringing ideological cultural and political coherence coupled with developing a new culture of tolerance is required to create a long awaited national fabric which could withstand the diversity of language, race and political affiliations. Only then we can make use of the priceless resources we are blessed with.

Apart from the ruling elite, it is the duty of us, all Pakistanis, to do our bit in making Pakistan a prosperous and progressing nation on the world map.


  1. Very well said. In short our nation needs to practice tolerance and coexistence.