Monday, 5 November 2012

Allah ko yehi manzoor tha!

'Allah ko yehi manzoor tha' and 'issi main behtari hogi' are the two most frequently used expressions when we see someone facing unfavourable situations. This approach is religiously correct and psychologically excellent helping people to Accept what has happened and move on with Hope and positive thinking.The problem however arises when we use these expressions to hide our mistakes and shortcomings and try to use them for consoling others to save our skin.

In my view in any professional setup, we should try finding tangible reasons for any unfavourable happenings and rectify them along with fixing responsibility if any instead of putting an end to all questions by saying ' Allah ko yehi manzoor tha' and 'issi main behtari hogi'!!

For individuals to move on with Acceptance and Hope this approach works fine but for Institutions and Nations a scientific and logical approach is needed to avoid similar happenings and ensure progress in life.

A senior psychiatrist and a dear friend wrote on the above lines,

You are probably referring to use of religion as a defence to hide the real underlying issues. While this may be adaptive in times of severe stress, using this everywhere may indicate that person is not willing to address the root of the problem and avoiding personal responsibility. While accepting the events(which happened due to our choices or acts) as part of one's Taqdeer wouldn't mean that the responsibility for that choice and its consequence rests on Allah Almighty. One needs to analyse and try to rectify the reasons of a problem whenever possible and take responsibility for one's decisions. Kindly reflect on this verse

 یہ اس لیے کہ جو نعمت خدا کسی قوم کو دیا کرتا ہے جب تک وہ خود اپنے دلوں کی حالت نہ بدل ڈالیں خدا اسے نہیں بدلا کرتا۔ اور اس لیے کہ خدا سنتا جانتا ہے ۔ 53:8

Let's not misuse these expressions and try to find reasons for a problem, accept responsibility and take corrective measures.

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