Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Pakistani Media & Laws of Privacy

Pakistani Media must differentiate between an accused and a convicted criminal. Unless proven guilty everyone should be treated as innocent and his/her laws of privacy and dignity respected. Media should be different from a dog sniffing around and then barking and running after everyone. They should learn from the Western media instead of following Bollywood style movies. At present we all are at the mercy of any clown who attacks us with a camera and crew. They have have no respect for our privacy and can prove us demons in no time. 

Laws of privacy need to be framed and media be made more responsible.


  1. For this PTA is held responsible either, like they should be keeping an eye on all such channels and undue coverage in hospitals and public places be refrained as much as possible, like wheres the rule?why is it not implemented? It needs noticing eye of concerned authorities, so as to respect an individual's rights being in a democratic state.

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