Saturday, 17 August 2013

Sikandar, Media and Zamarud Khan!

Well, it can happen only in Pakistan! A mentally sick or reassured man driving through the Capital of a nuclear armed country along with his wife, two kids and two semi automatic guns suddenly starts firing and soon demands Islamic shariah in the country and removal of the present rulers.

Soon comes our media, the free media, in action. A media which knows no rules. A media which like a vulture keeps looking for the dead thrive on the dead meat. A media which even cooks stories if there is none available. The malignant media gives a continuous coverage to a sick man and adds to the uncertainty by blaming the inefficiency of government for all what was happening. Comments like 'we're a failed state' and 'failure of institutions' started echoing. Some speculated a Martial law was imminent. Media would not follow any rule even if asked and would start arguing with Police. It's certainly a malignant organ of this state and needs immediate surgery followed by radiotherapy.

Police failed to keep things under control and the man kept dictating things while media kept increasing its rating spreading uncertainty and terror right in the Capital of this country and there comes our hero to the scene. Without any mandate Zamarud Khan, MNA and Chairman Pakistan Bait Ul Maal jumped in to the scene and almost got himself killed. Zamarud Khan is a dead man walking and owes his life to Sikandar who spared his life despite enough time and reasons for that. The hero certainly crossed the boundaries of bravery to reach the land of sheer stupidity. The media without realizing the risks involved in this unwise act started portraying him as a hero who brought an end to the drama.

The whole event was a great example of adhoc-ism so deeply engraved in our national fabric. The media would simply not agree to stay in limits. The police failed to act professionally and it was deplorable to see police commandos firing in air after the man was down and doing nothing.
What we direly need is to evolve systems and a rule of law. Media, public representatives, public servants and everyone must follow the systems in place. The law-makers have the responsibility to make these systems for us.

Will we do what we are supposed to do and avoid doing what we are not?


  1. Well this is stupid along with Vladimir Putin that crazy Russian president.

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